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photo of flower to be used as: Pot and bedding Brassica oleracea Glamour Red

Top Variety 2011
Brassica oleracea
"Glamour Red"
Flowering period: September - December

Height < 25 cm
Spread: < 25 cm
Habit: Spherical
Flower type: Double
Size: > 10 cm
Leaf Color Dark
Placement: Allround
Water Average
Fertilizer need: High
Typical use Pot and bedding
Plant type: Annual

Class Top Variety 2011

Sowing: June – July sowing in august can lead to less developed leaves and less colorful plant.

Germination: 5-10 days at a temperature of 18-20 °c. It is important to sow in the right time to avoid disappointments in culture.
Transplanting: transplant into 10-15cm pots about 3-4 weeks after sowing. Bonze is used as growth regulator (1-2cc per liter water) 10- 14 days after transplanting and at least once more during the growing season but before coloring starts.
The size of the flower head depends upon the space between each plant. If plants are too close, or plants cannot receive enough light their growth is to become stretched and weak.
Temperatures: Normally leaves begin to color at lower temperatures in autumn when night temperatures fall below 10-15 °C. High temperatures and excessive amounts of fertilizers affect the speed and degree of coloration of the leaves. Coloring takes place from August to December depending on the area. Plants can tolerate frost.
Fertilization: the plants need plenty of fertilizer, but do not overfeed. Insufficient fertilization will cause the outer leaves to turn yellow and drop off the plant.
Growing schedule: 16-18 weeks from sowing.
Use: very attractive annual pot/ container and bedding plant for decoration use.