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photo of flower to be used as: Pot and bedding Capsicum annuum Basket of Fire

Top Variety 2011
Capsicum annuum
"Basket of Fire"
Flowering period: June - September

Height < 25 cm
Spread: < 25 cm
Habit: Upright
Flower type: Simple
Size: < 1 cm
Leaf Color Light Green
Placement: Full sun to partial shade
Water High
Fertilizer need: High
Typical use Pot and bedding
Plant type: Edible

Class Top Variety 2011

A prolific fruiting variety which is dripping with small hot fruits on a compact leafy semi-trailing plant. The fruits mature from deep purple through cream and orange to mature to a bright red. Basket of Fire’s unique plant habit makes it a perfect choice for hanging baskets and containers. The plants have a good tolerance to cooler weather lasting well into the autumn. Harvested fruits are easy to dry as well as being ideal for fresh use. Schoville heat rating approx. 80000shu.