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photo of flower to be used as: Pot, bedding, patio Cyclamen persicum Maxora Fringed Deep Rose

Top Variety 2009
Cyclamen persicum
"Maxora Fringed Deep Rose"
Flowering period: August - February

Height 25 - 50 cm
Spread: 25 - 50 cm
Habit: Upright
Flower type: Simple
Leaf Color Variegated
Placement: Full sun to partial shade
Water Average
Fertilizer need: Medium to low
Plant type: Multiannual

Class Top Variety 2009

Maxora Serie

Compact F1 Cyclamen with large flowers.
Maxora is the F1 Cyclamen-series’ standard among the large flowering series. The whole series has a compact shape with firm flower stems and a varied leaf type. Because of its uniform growth and abundant flowering Maxora is easy to cultivate and to sell.

Large and bright colour assortment
Maxora is available in 15 bright colours. Maxora is also obtainable as Client Mix or EasyMix. The EasyMix is composed with the 10 main colours of Maxora’s assortment. The Client Mix is composed in accordance with your own wishes.

Easy to grow
During the cultivation period not many yellow leaves will arise and Maxora has an excellent homogeneous growth. Because of that Maxora is very easy to cultivate, also through an automatic growing process. These unique growth characteristics also make sure that you will not lose much time
Maxora Easymix
to prepare for sales.

The seeds have a high germination power and are free from diseases. Because of that Maxora has an easy and reliable cultivation. If starting with young plants Maxora
can already be sold after 15 to 17 weeks. For the production a pot size of 11 to 15 cm is the most optimal size. Potting can be done with 12-weeks-old seedlings (1.5 cm plugs)
as well as with young 15-weeks-old plants (4 cm plugs)./span>

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